<img src="https://agentmarketing.com/usr/14/68/31/76/19/170105064608.jpg?t=1511065935"><br>For the Visionary Investor - A rare opportunity to purchase a clean, well maintained, multi-unit building in center city Allentown next to the Neighborhood Improvement Zone (NIZ) more than $1 billion of commercial investments and within the area targeted by PPL's Live and Work In Allentown grant incentive program for renters. Property Details: Rental units in continuous demand; Four cameras and video surveillance system included in sale; Solid construction, built in 1920's; Extra-high ceilings and unique architectural details &quot;potential for luxury apartment development&quot; check with city for zoning/permit requirements; Electric heat paid by tenants; In-unit hot water heaters and electric panels; All plumbing re-done 2005; Available space for on-premises laundry and storage for tenant use<br>